DNC Gives Hillary More NH Delegates Than Sanders Even After Crushing Defeat

DNC Gives Hillary More NH Delegates Than Sanders Even After Crushing Defeat

Perhaps one year ago, the Democrats and the mainstream media were promising that the 2016 presidential election would be a virtual coronation of Hillary Clinton as president. Many of us shivered in our boots at the prospect, and it seemed almost impossible that the nation’s voters would be so brain dead as to elect Clinton after the damage the Obama administration has visited upon the nation.

Nevertheless, as she promised goodies to people, pandered to various special interest groups, and lined up hundreds of millions of dollars of support from donors seeking favors,  it actually seemed possible that Clinton could win the Oval Office.

But politics is a curious game, and it turns out that Clinton herself had committed enough dirty tricks, unethical schemes, and illegal acts that her march to the White House was severely threatened.

Then along came Bernie Sanders, as unlikely a candidate as ever ran for the White House or any other minor office in the nation. Bernie is rough around the edges, a socialist, a pie-in-the-sky promiser of the impossible, and quite simply, a guy who reminds people of their crazy uncle Ralph who shows up at family gatherings and scares the little children.

THIS is the guy who is threatening Hillary’s chances for the presidency? Yes, and the reason is that voters have finally realized that Hillary is an out and out liar, a thief, and a felon. Not everyone, but enough so that in the New Hampshire on Tuesday, Bernie won the popular vote by 20 percent, a landslide in political terms. One would think that Clinton is finished and her backers should find a new place to dump all their money.

But you cannot dismiss Hillary, and her conniving, dishonest political machine is intact, so she is still in the game. In fact, she is still the likely candidate, and here is how:

Hillary still strong bet for nomination, see page 2:

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