DNC Fills Hundreds of Empty Seats at Convention with Paid Actors

DNC Fills Hundreds of Empty Seats at Convention with Paid Actors

The DNC has kicked out Bernie supporters and is filling those empty spots with paid actors.  According to the Philadelphia Craigslist advertisement, which has now been taken down, there was a need to fill 700 empty seats.

Participants were to be hired at $50 a night through the duration of the conference and required to cheer at all times and also wear political propaganda supporting Hillary.  According to the ad, there were people who had been removed from the convention and their empty seats needed warm bodies to fill them.

There is no way the GOP could get away with such shenanigans, hiring people to cheer and promote Trump.  Yet hiring actors and professional protesters has been part of this election season and paid for by George Soros.

These groups recruited using fliers calling to “Shut Trump Down”.  Earlier in the year, in Wisconsin, more Soros’ paid protestors were recruited via a Craigslist ad. Truth and Action wrote,  “A curious thing recently showed up on Craig’s List, the digital local newspaper that offers everything from free household items to employment opportunities to paid sexual services. In this case, it was an ad on Tuesday morning inviting pro-Bernie Sanders people in Wisconsin to protest against Donald Trump for $15 an hour.”

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