DNC Denied FBI Access to Computer Servers

DNC Denied FBI Access to Computer Servers

The newfound reverence for the FBI and other intelligence agencies by the left is hardly convincing as it is but after this week it will be nothing less than a complete joke.

This total 180 on the part of liberals reflects their stance on the integrity of the electoral process. During the election, Democrats scoffed at concerns about voter fraud from conservatives and accused them of trying to deny the vote to minorities by making it harder for them to do so. On top of this, they claimed Donald Trump was undermining democracy itself by articulating these concerns himself, snidely retorting that the election wasn’t rigged, he was just going to lose.

But as it turned out when the opposite of what they expected to happen happened, progressives went absolutely ape and began gibbering about a Russian conspiracy to hack the election and deliver it to Trump. Why this supposed threat was never brought up during the election itself is open to speculation.

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