DNC Caught Colluding with Anti-Religious Freedom Group

DNC Caught Colluding with Anti-Religious Freedom Group

Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, claim a Christian orientation, though in the case of Obama, instruction by black liberation theology radical Jeremiah Wright hardly qualifies.

The left is clearly antagonistic towards religion, or at least towards Christianity and Judaism, though there seems to be a strange attraction to Islam in spite of the fact that many adherents want to kill us. That is not surprising because socialism and communism, which the Democrats seem to be warming to more and more each day, has always done everything possible to purge religion from the hearts and minds of the people. The ultimate goal is to make the state the religion of the people, though there can also be interim steps such as the religion of environmentalism (as administered by the state) or the religion of health, with the state declaring what we should eat and how much we should weight.

One very effective technique of the left for purging religion from American society is to insist that Christians violate their moral beliefs regarding LGBT activities, such that not only must they not discriminate against LGBT individuals, but they must embrace the lifestyle and participate in celebrations of gay weddings and support abortion providers. It is noxious and outrageous, but the left has been very successful in pushing the agenda, and they are also working hard on breaking down legal protections churches now have.

While cyber privacy lamentably seems to be an oxymoron, some revelations coming from whistle-blowers such as WikiLeaks have been most revealing of the inner-workings of the Democrat party and their minions.

The look inside has not been pretty.

One email to the Democrat National Committee  showed efforts to get around religious exemption laws by a powerful LGBT group. It is hard for the left to deny these types of smoking guns.

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