Disturbing Video Reveals Antifa Members Suffering from Low IQ

Antifa really believes they are fighting Nazis. I can't stress this point enough. AND they can't as much as verbalize the distinction between a Republican, the so-called “Alt-Right”, white supremacists, or NAZIS! They also self-admittedly have no methodology for determining who is, and who isn't a racist.

It gets worse. Just watch the video,

What is the big picture implication from all of this stupidity? Again, to sound redundant, these kids really do believe they're fighting Nazis.

A lot of colleges have socialist clubs on campuses. The college I attended was no different. I was classmates and neighbors for 8 months with some Marxist anarchists. Now in this instance, they were not stupid, none too bright mind you, but not complete total morons.

I found their little subculture to be both incredibly fascinating, and sad, yes sad. There was a reason they were basing their ENTIRE identities, passion, and life's around a political ideology. Granted this was just my personal experience, HOWEVER, the Marxist kids I knew predominantly came from broken homes, and/or were insecure in their own identity or worth outside of a larger collective identity or herd. Most children need structure, stability, and patterns of normalcy in order to grow up into high-functioning successful adults. High intelligence individuals can still achieve moderate levels of success in the absence of these factors. However, they are the exception, not the norm upon which to base overall levels of achievement or function.

Antifa could not exist had it not been for the previous liberal decade's long campaign to destroy family units, education, social standards or norms, and the economy. A large part of the blame for this problem can simply be due to a societal decline. Something we've allowed to happen for quite some time now.



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