Dick Morris Discloses Secret Globalist Agenda Behind Climate Change

Dick Morris shared his insider viewpoints on the actual data and agenda behind the left's obsession with global warming. Transcripts of this exclusive interview are available or scroll down to the bottom of the page to watch the video.

2016 climate data is now available and it confirms there was no significant global warming. Temperatures are essentially the same now as they were in 1998. At the beginning of the year it looked like they were going to be materially hotter because there was an el nino on the west coast. But turns out after the el nino temperatures plunged dramatically and offset the higher temperatures.

Temperatures in the Arctic Ice cap are constant at 20 degrees below zero centigrade and there is no significant shrinkage of the ice cap taking place.

What’s going on here? Until, 1997 there was significant global warming. Temps rose and when Al Gore was showing his prophecies, writing his book and winning the Nobel Prize there did seem to be a real threat emerging from global warming and climate change.

But part of that was not based on actual data but on predictions of what would happen in the future and the key scientific mistake was that the climate scientist predicting disaster said that water vapor itself would become a greenhouse gas.

Now as you put carbon in the atmosphere and all of that stuff that blocks the sun's rays and traps heat in the earth and causes temperatures to rise and all of that. But in addition, rising temperatures would in effect boil water and cause more water vapor and that the water vapor itself would be a greenhouse gas. So the one would cause the other in a never ending cycle.

But, it didn’t happen. Data of the last 19 years is flat. It didn't happen. It was theoretically possible and certainly makes a certain amount of sense. But, it didn’t happen.

So, it’s very important for us to understand that while there is no way to know what the future will bring there is no evidence now of significant global warming. And how many times has the administration under Obama kept repeating that those why deny it are anti-science or climate change deniers and so-on is absolute nonsense.

Now why is the left pushing it this much? Because they want an excuse to regulate industries throughout the world. They want an excuse for global planning, and in effect for socialism. Friedrich Hayek, On the Road to Serfdom, one of the bibles of the conservative movement, describes how the forces of socialism and internationalism will try to exploit crises that can only be addressed on a global level and that will foster the erosion of national sovereignty and move to one world, which the socialist want.

But they couldn't pull it off without the corporation of the less developed countries, the 3rd world. But what’s in it for them?

One of the core demands of the climate change advocates, the greens, is that a massive fund be created to compensate 3rd world countries for the fact they can’t have the same development trajectory that the 1st and 2nd world did because of constraints on carbon emissions because they can’t pollute up the atmosphere like the U.S, Europe. or Russia did as they were coming up industrially, they are entitled to compensation.

And this compensation goes right into the pockets of 3rd world dictators and their Swiss bank accounts. Hillary pledged to donate a 1 billion to the fund.

Thankfully Trump killed that in one of his 1st acts as president. But, that is what’s behind it and the motivation.



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