DHS Working Overtime To Classify Immigrants As Citizens In Time For 2016 Elections

Adams' DHS sources tell him that the “Task Force on New Americans” project is all about urging about 9,000,000 non-citizen aliens to naturalize and therefore gain the right to vote.

In a situation very convenient for the Democrats, 14 out of the 20 states with the highest green card population are holding Senate races in 2016, so adding on millions of new voters could easily impact the elections.

Adams noted that an internal memo from Leon Rodriguez, the director and co-chair of the DHS' “Task Force on New Americans,” said, “This report outlines an immigrant integration plan that will advance our nation’s global competitiveness and ensure that the people who live in this country can fully participate in their communities.”

“They say it nakedly in this letter that this is all about politics,” Adams stated.

Tucker Carlson pointed out that Republicans are constantly reminded that if they speak out against this, they will be branded as xenophobic bigots and will never get another Hispanic vote.

“It's a deliberate strategy to shut up opposition,” Adams asserted. “This is a transformative campaign going on to fundamentally transform the country. And if you don't talk about it, if you don't confront it, you're going to lose all the other issues you care about.”

Source: foxnews.com



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