DHS Reveals Containment Procedures for Big Cities

ANP has verified that the recording of this meeting, which occurred in Indiana, was legal according to Indiana law. We have also confirmed the identity of the person and his connection to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

After introducing himself the DHS worker explained that the distrust many Americans feel toward the government these days is, in fact, shared by many government employees.

He states “how many have seen the sound barriers along Indianapolis, the big walls around 465? They are not what they are for. What they are doing around all the big cities, their putting these barrier walls up so if there is a biological or nuclear problem, they can contain the people wthin ‘The Bowl,” and that is what they call the 465 border, The Bowl.”

He goes on to explain how they want to keep any sick or contaminated people inside, so they cannot get out. Then he describes the number of ways to cross 465, either over or under, stating there are either 38 or 48 ways. He states “If you are inside Indianapolis when the ‘balloon goes up’ or the “stuff hits the fan,’ there are only certain ways you can get out.”

Source: All News Pipeline

It ends where it began, with preparedness and the recommendation to “have a plan,” saying that if you need to get out of major cities if things happen, your family should have a pre-arranged meeting place, a code word for your family to use to let each other know it ‘hit the fan’ and to go to their meet point.
When people talk of Walmarts being used as possible processing centers, folks laughed and call it a conspiracy… it is just a store they said, but the government has admitted that during a time of emergency, those same Walmarts are to be considered “critical infrastructure.”
When it was pointed out that the new “malls” were being erected that could be turned into FEMA camps back in June 2015, those same critics waved it away as a “conspiracy,” yet past US history showed that other innocuous structures such as fairgrounds, stables, race tracks and warehouses and more were all converted into “internment camps” for the Japanese in America back in 1942.

The point is, it does not matter what the original purpose of any of these structures are for, the U.S. government, DHS, and the U.S. military have active plans to use those innocuous structures for a dual purpose…. a purpose they do not share with the citizenry. A purpose this DHS insider just exposed.

The question here is do you have a plan? A way to get out…. because the government has a plan… to contain you.




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