DHS Plans To Cut Cell Service, Supreme Court Refuses To Release Details

Fortunately, longtime preppers know that there are ways around government-induced blackouts like the ones called for in Standard Operating Procedure 303. With some leftover electronic goods and a little technical know-how, Americans can make sure that they can stay in contact with each other when Standard Operating Procedure 303 finally goes into effect.

As Joshua Krause argues at Ready Nutrition, there are alternate ways to communicate that could be effective during an emergency where the government institutes a denial of access attack on the population’s cell service.

At first glace, there is little potential for these devices when the grid goes down… However, don’t be too quick to scoff at the prepping potential of these devices. It’s fairly easy to create a local wifi network (aka ad hoc network) between computers that are within range of each other. This would allow people living on the same street or in the same apartment building to talk to each other, provided they can generate their own electricity. The better solution would be to create a local network with cell phones that isn’t reliant on any infrastructure…

If the grid is down long enough, eventually some enterprising citizens would start to provide courier services. Whether it’s by foot or by bicycle, they will fill an important niche that other items on this list can’t provide, and that is a secure form of communication. If you had to send a message to someone who lives out of the range of your radio or wifi network, and you needed that message to remain a secret, writing that message down and sending someone out to deliver it by hand would be the only way to do it.

It is possible to use wifi and cell phones – even during a grid down scenario – to communicate through mesh networks (using modest amounts of alternate power). Walkie talkies, CB and Ham radio systems will also be important during emergencies, as will old-fashioned courier services using a network of trusted messengers and whatever the quickest form of available transportation is during the situation.

Don’t forget to prepare back-up communications gear in a Faraday cage so that these options will remain viable in an EMP event as well.

Source: Infowars, Ars Technica


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