DHS Ordered to Admit Immigrants as Refugees with No Vetting for Terrorists

Anyone not familiar with the Department of Homeland Security might determine from its name that its purpose is to make the nation more secure.  As we find too often with our heavily politicized national law enforcement agencies, the truth is at variance with what one should expect.

So we are not at all shocked by this news:

Throngs of Haitians, Africans, Russians, Armenians and Guatemalans are being admitted into the United States via the Mexican border with virtually no vetting for security or health risks, high level Homeland Security officials told Judicial Watch this week. Overwhelmed and understaffed border agents are bombarded daily with an onslaught of immigrants from these countries and have been ordered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to process them as refugees with “credible fear.”

If we are in a “war on terrorism,” a reasonable question would be why a government department charged with making the nation more secure would conspire to make it less so.  Yet that appears to be precisely the situation.

A DHS supervisor in the region told Judicial Watch that the agency has issued an order from Washington D.C. to all agents: “No one is allowed to speak to the media.” The veteran DHS official said that to accommodate the influx border agencies have suspended regular business and “people that have actually gone through all the legal and proper ways to get documents are being shoved to the side.” One frustrated DHS official in the border region said she has never seen this type of rampant lawlessness throughout a lengthy career with the government. “The elected government officials claim we are against terrorism yet they are not doing anything to actually prevent terrorists from entering the country,” the DHS supervisor said, adding that the public should show up at ports of entry to see firsthand the problems border agents face every day.

Perhaps these folks are oppressed people seeking refuge from terrible hardships?

Judicial Watch’s sources on the border say the overwhelming majority of migrants don’t appear to have been through any hardships. Instead many look in great physical shape, even muscular and fit, well-groomed and a lot of them have large amounts of cash. “They’re showing up with a few hundred dollars if not a few thousand dollars, new electronics, cell phones, tablets, etc.,” said a Border Patrol official in Arizona. Another border agent told Judicial Watch that many of the Haitians and Africans “know the administration is going to let them in and they come with an attitude of entitlement.”

“An attitude of entitlement” by the immigrants?  What about Americans’ entitlement to expect that the government’s law enforcement agencies actually enforce the nation’s laws and promote the people’s safety?  Or is there another agenda being promoted from the White House?

Source:  Judicial Watch



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