DHS determines ‘Constitution-Free Zone’ within U.S. is OK

DHS determines ‘Constitution-Free Zone’ within U.S. is OK

VIDEO (watch below): The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in a self-review, determined that it is OK to ignore the U.S. Constitution in a 100-mile ‘border' zone that includes cities such as Houston, New York City, and Los Angeles. This zone affects more than 197 million Americans and extends to many regions that are nowhere near international borders with Canada or Mexico. Within these regions, the DHS is able to search and seize your belongings without probable cause or any reasonable suspicion.

Strangely, this trampling of the Constitution is still virtually unreported by mainstream media. IT IS UP TO US ALL to get the word out. Share this story and help spread the news of this criminal abuse of power by the DHS!

Anthony Gucciardi explains this outrageous situation in the video below:

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