DHS Advisor and Syrian Immigrant: ‘9/11 changed the world for good’

DHS Advisor and Syrian Immigrant: ‘9/11 changed the world for good’

The Obama administration is no stranger to cozying up with unsavory characters around the globe.  Despite the fact that many inside the Saudi government continue to finance terrorist organizations, President Obama met with princes from the oil-rich kingdom over the weekend.  The move was seen as especially tone-deaf in the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack given Saudi Arabia's state-instituted execution of homosexuals.

President Obama recently inundated Iran — the world's largest financier of terrorism — with $150 billion of frozen assets.

Hillary Clinton's hands are not clean when it comes to personal and financial connections to countries who are known to sponsor terrorists.  The Clinton Foundation has come under intense scrutiny — except in the mainstream media — for its business dealings with countries such as Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Oman, Qatar, and others while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

It turns out that the administration is not just in bed with foreign heads of states and corporations, but are actually recruiting terrorist sympathizers within the United States as advisers for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

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