Deutsch on Morning Joe: This is “the Beginning of the End” for ‘the Accidental Dictator’

On MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning, it appears that the “End of the World” is nigh at hand, or at least being brought about by the Tetragrammaton that is Donald Trump.  Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough normally spar a bit for appearances that she's on the Left and he's on the Right and then they move on to the real serious material.  Like when Mika asked Donny Deutsch what he thought of the Trump administration.

DEUTSCH:  The optics I see is a guy who's the accidental dictator.  When I say accidental dictator, he never thought he'd be in office…now he's in office.  Doesn't know how to behave any differently.  You know, when you contextualize this versus the press is the enemy of the state, let's blow up the Ninth Circuit, uh, I don't know, the Senate and the Congress, I don't know if that works anymore, uh, alternative facts, let's ban the press from the White House, ban the press from the campaign, the press is the enemy of the state, um, let's give states the right to round up immigrants.  On and on and on and on.  And his love for thugs.  This is a man that genuinely has behaved for seventy years one way, does not understand the office he has and actually behaves as a dictator.  I mean, we can't call it any other way at this point.  Oh, by the way, let's imprison Hillary Clinton.  We are in very, very, very dangerous territory here.  In every way, you feel it.  I mean, everybody right now feels it happening.  There is a man sitting in that chair that is frighteningly ill-equipped to understand the office he's in…to behave in the framework.  And this is just the latest example.  You can feel the thread being pulled.  You can feel the clothes starting to come off the emperor.  I believe this is the beginning of the end.

MIKA:  Yeah.  I do, too.

I promised myself that today would be a day that I wouldn't be unkind…that I would take measure in what I said and what I thought.  And then, Donny “The Big Idea” Deutsch opened his yap and…

Well, let's just say that the man has a rare form of diarrhea of the mouth that disallows him from dropping his New York accent because “it's friggan' cool” and also apparently disallows him to have a sentient thought in his head.  Granted, he did use the word, “contextualize,” but other than that, I'd give his rant (on a scale of 1 to Maxine Waters) a semi-cohesive 5.

P.S.  Hey, Donny, I got a friggan' cool New York accent, too!



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