Detroit Teacher: Taking $1 Million in Bribes is only ‘A Little Bit Unethical’

It seems like Brackett is looking to justify the actions of her boss, and the other principal's by claiming that her school district Emergency Manager, Darnell Earley (this is the same man who failed to rectify major infrastructure decay during his role in the Flint, Mi., lead crisis.), according to The Daily Caller, received over 80,000 dollars in fee's from the DPS after resigning in February. By this she argues that the 1 million dollars worth of bribes were only a little bit unethical.

The 80,000 dollars Brackett is referring to was actually paid by the state of Michigan instead.

Cathy Brackett is a teacher at Bennett Elementary School in Detroit, whose principal, Josette Buendia, is among 12 current and former Detroit Public Schools (DPS) principals accused of taking part in a $900,000 kickback scheme. Buendia herself is accused of taking $45,775 in kickbacks from businessman Norman Shy in return for ordering school supplies from his company, Allstate Sales.

According to Buendia’s indictment, these school supplies were often never elivered or only partly delivered in order to make the order appear legitimate. The indictment says Buendia’s conspiracy with Shy lasted for over three and a half years, with Buendia frequently meeting with Shy to discuss how much he owed her and to discuss how she could disguise the payments as gift cards intended for school purchases.

“It’s pitiful that they’re going after principals who are probably just doing what they need to do even if it might be a little bit unethical in order to provide the students in their schools with the supplies and materials that they need that district and the state should be providing us,” Brackett said.

It’s not clear why Brackett believes Buendia’s scheme would have allowed the school to obtain more supplies and materials, since a major part of the indictment is that they took bribes to order school supplies that were never delivered in the first place.

Source: TheDailyCaller



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