Details Emerge that FBI ‘may have opened fire’ on Oregon Rancher

Details Emerge that FBI ‘may have opened fire’ on Oregon Rancher

The case of LaVoy Finicum, the rancher who was gunned down in Oregon last year, may have disappeared from the main stream press, but you can be sure that it is still a hot topic in rural America where they see it as a clear cut case of murder by government authorities. The situation embarrassed local and federal authorities as farmers and ranchers continued their protest against government overreach and land theft, which was carried in national newspapers for weeks on end.

The end result was that Finicum, one of the leaders in the debacle, advised officials that he was going to the next town to meet with the sheriff there. County sheriffs have tremendous jurisdiction over the area that they oversee, and that would have been a problem for law enforcement and the FBI Hostage Rescue Team which was on site. Enroute to the meeting, Finicums truck was forced off the road into a snow bank, Finicum got out of the truck with hands raised, then tried to approach officers with his hands held wide, but was gunned down in cold blood there in the snow. There is both helicopter footage as well as a cell phone record of the incident, and it is causing some major concerns among law enforcement and the FBI.

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