Dershowitz: Stone Indictment Shows Mueller is ‘Virtually Failing’

Dershowitz: Stone Indictment Shows Mueller is ‘Virtually Failing’

Harvard Law school professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of former Trump adviser Roger Stone reveals that Mueller “has virtually failed” to show any kind of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Dershowitz called the Stone indictment “a typical Mueller indictment” that is “very heavy on stories” and is filled with crimes “that occurred as a result of the investigation.”

“This is typical of Mueller” (above right). “He has found almost no crimes that occurred before he was appointed special counsel,” Dershowitz said. “He was appointed to special counsel to uncover crimes that had already occurred. He has virtually failed in that respect in every regard.”

“Almost all of his crimes that he has indicted people for are crimes that resulted from his investigation — false statements, tampering with witnesses, obstruction of justice,” Dershowitz continued.

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