Depop Agenda: ‘Frankenchickens’ Bathed in Chlorine

Depop Agenda: ‘Frankenchickens’ Bathed in Chlorine

You’re eating chlorine. Big money chicken suppliers are purposefully putting lives at risk to make a few extra bucks. And the proof compiled by whistleblowers on the is 0.001% ruse to get everyday people to foot the globalist depopulation bill is all below.

Chickens being sprayed with Chlorine

The horrifying prospect of chlorine washed chickens being sold by U.S. manufacturers to British food suppliers is generating much alarm. But, in the U.S. this is the normal everyday reality of the meat we consume and buy.

This is not about eating meat, this is about promoting safe consumption of meat. Chicken is often touted as being healthy. But, what is healthy about feeding your children or yourself chlorine and other harsh chemicals on a regular basis?

Find out what is really going on behind the scenes at chicken farms and what you need to be doing to protect yourself and your family from digesting high levels of chlorine and other dangerous chemicals on a regular basis, all on the next page




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