Denver Councilwoman Encourages Coronavirus Patients to Attend MAGA Rallies

Once the city councilwoman’s and staff realized she was going to get in trouble for this, they released a statement declaring that she only supported giving Coronavirus to Trump supporters in a sarcastic manner:

In response to the tweet, CdeBaca’s office said: “Councilwoman CdeBaca made a sarcastic tweet on Twitter to call attention to the Trump administration’s downplaying of the Coronavirus outbreak as a “hoax” no more dangerous than the common flu. Rather than conservative outlets making a four-day-old Tweet their focus on Super Tuesday, they should focus their energy on demanding a competent Federal response to this public health crisis instead.”

This paper-thin excuse should fool no one. This city council official wanted Trump supporters to feel the full effects of Coronavirus because she carries the mistaken belief that someone has declared Coronavirus a hoax.

In fact, President Trump was merely highlighting that democrats were running out of hoaxes and that criticism of his response to the crisis is another democrat hoax.

Source: Zero Hedge


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