Dems Planned All Along to Exclude Republican Involvement in Impeachment

Something strange is happening at Vanity Fair. They are admitting in a very low-down way that they have been telegraphing to the American people the truth about these impeachment proceedings against President Trump since even BEFORE he was inaugurated!

In a December 2016 article by Emily Jane Fox, it is all but admitted that this current impeachment process had been hatched directly after Hillary Clinton's humiliating rejection by the American electorate…but before Donald J. Trump had been sworn in just one month later!

Yet the origins of this push to impeach before the president had served even a single day in office is just the beginning. On the following pages, our detailed breakdown of the facts surrounding the Democrats' impeachment frenzy has deadly and far-reaching repercussions that literally threaten all future Republican presidents elected, as well as guarantee that the GOP Congressional members will never have another voice in what occurs during these anticipated impeachment proceedings.

Turn to the following page to read about the plan that was put into action since before the president was in office and how that schematic will be the template upon which all future impeachment processes are based!




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