Democrats Turning Red States Purple by Disguising Themselves as Independents, Undeclared

If you have followed politics for more than a couple of years, you may have noticed that there is an inordinate amount of so-called Independents or Undeclared to run for office in Libertarian-minded states, but ultimately show their true stripes as Democrat Leftists the moment they gain office.

This has been a trend for many decades, but most recently, Democrats have actually built a Millennial strategy out of it by enticing those with Left-leaning views to run, not as Democrats, but as Independents or Undeclared.

Politico Magazine has demonstrated its fervor for this strategy in an article which details exactly how this strategy has been paying off big dividends for the Democrat Party nationally. Its very title says it all…”How to Turn a Red State Purple (Democrats Not Required)!”

Politico Magazine:

[A] most unusual thing has happened: Alaska—which elected Sarah Palin governor and has not supported a Democratic presidential candidate since Lyndon B. Johnson—has turned from red to a bluish hue of purple. Throughout the state, unknown progressives, like the kind Kreiss-Tomkins once was, have been winning. Before the elections of 2012, conservatives controlled all the major seats of power in Alaska: the governorship, both houses of the Legislature, and the mayoralty and city assembly of Anchorage, where 40 percent of the state’s 740,000 residents live; now, progressives and moderates control all of those offices but the state Senate, which has been gerrymandered beyond their control. More than half of the 40-member Alaska House of Representatives has been newly elected since 2012, most of them Democrats or independents; together with three moderate Republicans, they have remade the Democratic-independent caucus into a 22-18 majority.

Not all of these newcomer state legislators are typical progressives—“the NPR-listening liberals hunt, fish or camp here,” says Joelle Hall, political director of the Alaska AFL-CIO—but in defeating more conservative candidates, they accomplished something that didn’t happen anywhere else in November 2016: In a state that went for Trump by 15 points, they flipped a red legislative chamber to blue.

Alaska remains a gun-loving and tax-averse state, defined by its military bases and love of hunting. It has two Republican senators and a Republican congressman. But the state is changing. In the past four years, Alaska has raised its minimum wage, legalized recreational marijuana and passed the strongest universal voter registration bill in the country. Governor Bill Walker—an ex-Republican who has the support of organized labor and most liberals—and the House majority coalition are publicly advocating the introduction of a statewide income tax, a move long thought impossible in Alaska’s notoriously libertarian political climate.

Just for some perspective, Governor Bill Walker originally ran as a Republican, but his campaign was going nowhere. He switched to an Independent, won the governorship and moved to institute a state income tax (Alaska currently has no state income tax). As well, he broke the Alaskan Constitution by literally stealing half of the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) which is guaranteed to each and every legal resident of Alaska, in order to pay for more programs in the already bloated and poisoned Alaska state budget. He was forced to drop out of the race for his reelection bid due to massive unpopularity. Without a moment's thought, he threw his endorsement behind Democrat, Mark Begich, who was running against Republican Mike Dunleavy.

Dunleavy won big. Less than 73 days after his election, Democrats in the state, funded by outside Leftist groups, immediately began a Recall effort, which is currently underway.

This tactic of posing as Independents or Undeclared is a poisonous one, and a strategy that promises to turn more than a few Red districts and states Purple. Pew Research Center statistics polling from 2015 states that 39% of Independents ultimately vote with the Republican Party, while a whopping 48% vote with the Democrats!

Courtesy of the Pew Research Center

Conversely, the Leftist West Coast bastion of Fake News, The Washington Post, gives the Democrats an edge by only three percentage points.  That number rings suspicious.

If you're conservative and registered as an Independent or Undeclared, it's more than obvious that the time has arrived that you register with the Republican Party and stand your ground against these wolves in sheep's clothing.

How many Democrats are lurking in your state's political parties disguised as Independents or Undeclared? Do you even know?

Source:  Politico Magazine / The Washington Post / Pew Research Center


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