Democrats Push Bill to Remove Trump from Office

As written, the law would create an 11-member bipartisan Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity. Its function is based on section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which allows the vice president to remove the sitting president with the consent of a majority of the Cabinet or Congress if they believe the president cannot discharge the duties of the office.

The Commission could require a medical examination of the president to determine his or her mental and physical capabilities. It specifically could determine if the president:

. . .is temporarily or permanently impaired by physical illness or disability, mental illness, mental deficiency, or alcohol or drug use to the extent that the person lacks sufficient understanding or capacity to execute the powers and duties of the office of President.”

Democrat Representative Darren Soto of Florida, a co-signer of the bill, tipped the hand of what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Given Donald Trump’s continued erratic and baffling behavior, is it any wonder why we need to pursue this legislation? The mental and physical health of the leader of the United States and the free world is a matter of great public concern.”

Raskin, a former professor of constitutional law, has tried to paint the bill as a nonpartisan, generic effort to have a mechanism in place to deal with potential issues in the future.

We’ve got to make sure that we have a president who is able faithfully to discharge the duties of office,” Raskin said Friday on CNN’s “Outfront.” “This is not just for one president — it’s for all of the presidents. And I think we can come together in a bipartisan way.”

Apparently, Raskin and his fellow conspirators think we all fell off the pumpkin truck a long time ago. The subterfuge underway is all too evident to anyone paying attention to the globalist onslaught against President Trump.

The White House has not provided comment on the bill.

The 25h Amendment was adopted in 1967. Its backers cited concerns about the heart attacks suffered by President Dwight Eisenhower as a reason to have a means in which the vice president could assume presidential authority temporarily without having an actual death of the president.

Since its inception, it’s been used twice. Once when President Ronald Reagan underwent a procedure to deal with a polyp in his colon and again when President George W. Bush underwent a colonoscopy and polyp removal. In both instances, the vice presidents (George H.W. Bush and Dick Cheney) assumed the duties as president temporarily until the sitting presidents recovered from their procedures.

Democrats and their stooges in the media are attacking President Trump by questioning his mental state when it’s very clear that he is simply outsmarting them at every turn and tweaking them with his tweets.

Source: NBC News

Image (Rep. Raskin): Edward Kimmel



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