Democrats Keep Falling for Trump’s Identity Politics Trap

Democrats Keep Falling for Trump’s Identity Politics Trap

One of Donald Trump’s most underrated strengths is his ability to trap his opponents in an unwinnable circumstance. It may be the reason he is now President of the United States.

Take CNN, for example. During the GOP primary, before there was a presumptive nominee, the cable news organization devoted an obsessive amount of time to Trump. He was ratings gold — and many at the network likely believed he could be beaten handily by Hillary Clinton, which they likely thought was a nice bonus.

Whatever the reason, Trump used their wall-to-wall coverage to help win the primary. It didn’t matter if CNN’s coverage was positive or negative. Trump was inescapable — and other candidates couldn’t break into the limelight.

Whether they like it or not, CNN’s early coverage may have delivered Trump to the White House.

Maybe that’s why the network took such a hard turn against the president once he assumed office — because they’re the reason why he’s there in the first place. But Trump is using that to his advantage, too.

His public attacks against CNN have turned them from news network to an anti-Trump hysteria machine. Their unhinged reporting is now a major reason why they’re so far behind MSNBC and Fox News in the ratings. Their coverage isn’t just biased. It’s borderline unwatchable.

But CNN may not be the victim of Donald Trump’s biggest trap. That distinction may go to the Democrat party.

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