The Democrats’ Colorful War on Whites

EDITORIAL – The politics of the world have been recently undergoing a radical shift into the color spectrum, where Leftists have attempted to boil down political belief systems and agendas into an easy-to-remember list of descriptions based on colors.

This shift has seen a gradual introduction of even more colors into the spectrum to further illustrate the vast differences between the good (all things Democrat) and the evil (all things Republican). Remember that, in the science of statistical research, no one can be wrong 100% of the time. Yet, we see in the daily life of the Fake News media cycle that Republicans, simply by virtue of their opposition to Left-wing politics, are the very definition of incorrect thinking…100% of the time!

This perception has necessitated a type of group-think that can be simply and easily identified through the Leftist application of a specialized palette of colors. The list is not all-encompassing, but certainly demonstrates the need for the Left to oversimplify its objectives and belief systems in order to gain instant gratification from social media denizens!

Turn to the following page to view the Leftist Palette of Good and Evil, an explanation into the Democrats’ obsession with color and how it has worked to shape their policies and agendas!

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