Democratic Rep. Repeatedly Confuses “Sandy Hook” with “Hurricane Sandy”

What does helping Texan people stranded in flood waters and hating President Trump have in common, CNN?

Those two should have nothing to do with each other. If I hear one more darn person try to tell me this week that CNN is just covering the news, I might punch a wall. NO. All they are doing is inciting racial hate by claiming the victims of Harvey are being treated than Katrina because they're white, NOT because we've learned from our past mistakes and revamped our emergency response system.

Just Google Hurricane Harvey and you'll find account after account of people helping each other as neighbors, and human beings, with ZERO thought to the fake news perpetuated racial divides.

And it gets even worse. CNN New Day Host Alyson Camerota literally just hosted a “news segment” questioning whether Texas should get aid money because their DEM Senator (Shelia Jackson Lee) didn't vote to provide funding for Sandy Hook “hurricane” victims.

Here is the video,




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