Dem Senators Think ObamaCare Won’t Trouble Dems in 2014

Dem Senators Think ObamaCare Won’t Trouble Dems in 2014

If there’s one thing Democrats have lots of, it’s illogical optimism. Despite all the evidence, Democrat Senators like Chuck Schumer (D-NY) are trying to convince people that ObamaCare won’t be a problem. Following Harry Reid’s crazy claims before the Senate today, Senator Schumer said, “Over the next several months, the ACA is going to become less important as a Republican campaign issue because more and more Americans, from young adults all the way up through seniors, are realizing the benefits it has to offer.” Schumer reiterated Harry Reid’s claim that ObamaCare “horror stories” were “untrue”.

Democrats facing re-election in November, particularly those in red-leaning states, are being bombarded with attack ads about the health-care law, both from their opponents and from outside groups like Americans For Prosperity.

Still, freshman Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy said his colleagues should not try to distance themselves from the law.

“I hope Democrats learned from 2010. I think there were a lot of Democrats who tried to pretend that the Affordable Care Act didn’t exist in 2010; they paid a price at the ballot box,” he said.

“You know, there’s no mistaking the fact that the vast majority of Americans do not want the Affordable Care Act repealed, they want it implemented and they want to see it work for them,” he went on. “And so I can’t speak on behalf of my other colleagues, but I think you see a very different way in which Democrats are talking about the act this year compared to 2010. Democrats are proud that they voted for it, there are many that are going to offer and suggest changes, but our effort is trying to make clear that now, four years into implementation, we’re really starting to see in real terms the benefits.”

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)




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