‘Deep State Whistleblowers’ Unite, Come to Defense of Trump

The Deep State exists. By that is meant a powerful yet inscrutable group drawn from financial institutions, the intelligence community, and other sources that pull the strings of government policy from behind the scenes. Perhaps the only unknowns are the names of those involved, and just how powerful they truly are. What is clear is that this is an institution that is utterly contrary to a constitutional republic.

But it looks like the Deep State might not be as powerful as it would purport to be. Or rather, that it is losing some of its power. Former members of the Deep State have left that group to form one supportive of the president.

Here's what the Gateway Pundit has to report:

Former members of the ‘Deep State,’ have formed a supergroup to expose illegal government surveillance and support President Donald Trump. The group, led by William Binney, who was part of an ‘elite NSA team which built an intelligence-gathering system to collect data on terrorism threats,’ is made up of former Justice Department, FBI, and intelligence community officials that call themselves ‘JTFMAGA.’

Just seeing those letters MAGA as part of the name is an encouragement. And here's a video that fills you in on some of the details:

Below is a partial transcript of OAN’s report with Binney.

OAN: “Binney said when it came to the Obama administration’s surveillance of the Trump campaign, the reason the FBI only needed FISA warrants on two people, Carter Page and Paul Manafort, is that President Barack Obama signed an order making two-hop surveillance the default. Two-hops mean that surveillance can start with Paul Manafort and then go one hop more to everyone he had contact with. The second hop means the government can also monitor everyone those people had contact with. Binney said JTFMAGA is coming together now to encourage other members of the Deep State to come forward and expose more abuses of the NSA surveillance program and to support President Donald Trump.”

BINNEY: “[Trump] is the best opportunity to have this changed.”

OAN: “Binney and his fellow members of JTFMAGA say they are motivated by the conduct of the FBI and other government agencies during the 2016 election cycle. They don’t deny they are ‘Deep-Staters,’ but they would say they are ‘Deep-Staters,’ wearing the white hats.’

You would be forgiven for concluding that nothing we see in the news about Washington is true. That it is all part of a psy-ops project to influence your opinion through misreported stories by compromised sources.

Yet, the truth is out there. And there are those who are working tirelessly, sometimes at personal danger to get it to you. You would be wise to seek out such sources and support them. The Republic might truly depend on it.

Source: Gateway Pundit


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