De Blasio Announces “Meatless Mondays” to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio said on Monday that all New York City public schools will have “Meatless Mondays” beginning in the 2019-2020 school year claiming it will help “cut back greenhouse emissions” by serving more fruits and vegetables and less beef.

De Blasio has no problem lecturing kids at New York’s public schools about “cutting back on meat” to save the environment. But he’s shown less interest giving up the fleet of SUVs that bring him to and from the gym. Or reducing the pork in his stewardship of the taxpayers’ finances. According to the New York Post, city spending has increased 32 percent in the de Blasio years, with an estimated  $3 billion more expected in Hizzoner’s latest budget.

The mayor has grown fond of saying, “There is plenty of money in this world. It’s just in the wrong hands” as a means of justifying his expansion of government into every aspect of life. No word if he counts he and his wife in the “wrong hands” camp after a recent media report suggesting the duo has squandered more than a billion dollars of unaccounted-for taxpayer dollars.

What else could be driving de Blasio’s war on meat? It’s one way to try and reclaim the mantle of most progressive New York pol. De Blasio has been outwitted and outflanked by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The freshman phenom from Queens didn’t let her status as a newcomer deter her from defeating the Amazon deal backed by de Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who suffered a stinging political defeat.

If neither his diminished fanfare nor his abysmal record is enough to convince de Blasio to abandon White House ambitions, the polls should. His early campaign visits to Iowa aren’t moving the needle one iota, with a new poll from the vaunted Des Moines Register putting him at zero percent – tied for dead last. Nationally, the picture is even worse. A Monmouth University survey showed Hizzoner as the only Democrat in the packed field with a net negative rating – an impressive feat.

Source: Fox News



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