Dartmouth’s Paltry Apology Aimed at the Wrong People

Dartmouth has drifted far from her foundational roots. Her motto reads —”a voice crying out in the wilderness,” taken from Isaiah 40:3, reflecting the school’s beginnings”.  The voices that are now protesting on campus are a far cry from those who founded the college with the desire to train missionaries.

Dartmouth offered an apology, at last, for the harassment to students, but not to those who experienced that angst and hate of the protesters, but to the protesters themselves.  Apparently the administration feels badly that the protesters are getting a bad rap in the news and therefore offered an apology to them.

It is the students who endured verbal and physical attacks by 150 protesters chanting, “Black Lives Matter” in the library, who deserve an apology.  Their safe space to study was hijacked by angry students, cursing at them.  One person reported what he saw, “a girl pinned up against a wall as protesters called her a “filthy white bitch.” Chants of “F*ck your white privilege!” and “You filthy white piece of shit!”

The voice crying in the library is not the one the founders of the institution had envisioned.  Read more on page two.

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