DARPA: Implanting Brain Chips in Soldiers For Superhuman Soldiers

Brains chips are not a memory boosting food, but rather a “brain-neural interface” being tested on volunteers.

They are “temporarily implanting electrical arrays into the brains of volunteers undergoing surgery for other neurological issues”

DARPA has been working for years on implanting chips into the brains injured soldiers hoping to help restore cognitive function.

Defense One, an online magazine that covers the military, reported last year on DARPA’s work on brain chips to treat PTSD, and said that DARPA was not yet in the testing phase. When DARPA launched its RAM (Restoring Active Memory) program last year, it projected it would be about four years until researchers were implanting permanent chips in humans.

In a brand new book called “Pentagon Brain”, the author Jacobson chronicles the history of DARPA.  She writes that DARPA has “classified brain programs”.

Scientists, she says, are already testing “implantable wireless ‘neuroprosthetics'” to help soldiers with brain injuries. “[S]oldiers allow the tiny machines, or chips, to be implanted in their brain,”

Could this be the genesis of AI in American soldiers?  Is there a potential for “hunter-killer robots” as Jacobson postulates? Fusion suggests that this very well may be the case.

Source:  Fusion



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