Dangerous Detainee Is Freed By Obama, Bypassing 6 Agencies

The report on Obama’s actions:

Normally, these agencies must sign off on letting a detainee go. They also insist that their home country have security in place to monitor the detainee. Obama ignored them and had his own special committee appointed who then let him go. They overruled the six intelligence agencies. The White House is playing nasty, dangerous politics.

As the Pope’s plane landed outside D.C., the White House announced the release. All but Fox ignored it or didn’t notice it. It is, however, an extremely important story because Barack Obama has succeeded in completely politicizing the Department of Defense.

Obama wants to close GITMO and will send vicious terrorists back to their homes to kill more Americans in order to do it. He just did it over the recommendations of six intelligence agencies and Ash Carter. He formed his own select committee of compliant minions to make the decision about the release and they, of course, found it was safe to send him back to Saudi Arabia.

Abdul Shalabi was suspected of being an Osama bin Laden bodyguard and waged a 9-year hunger strike. Shalabi has agreed to take a rehabilitation class in Saudi Arabia. That’s how absurd this gets. It leaves 114 at GITMO with 52 already approved for transfer…

Obama is resigned to make good on all he wanted to accomplish, during his years as President.  He has done pretty well, especially with his dictatorship.  The country is much run like a socialistic regime, from growing the government and supplying free food, housing and heathcare which is paid for by the middle class taxpayers.

He has lowered the esteem of America in the eyes of the world.  He has left Israel in the dust, and opened the borders giving illegal immigrants status as citizens (pretty much).  Commrades, what will be his parting salvo’s?

Source: Independent Sentinel



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