The Daily Beast: How the Illuminati Stole Hip Hop

The Daily Beast: How the Illuminati Stole Hip Hop

The Daily Beast has actually written a piece on the centerpiece of all conspiracy theories: the Illuminati.

Let's look at their claims…

The enigmatic Illuminati used to be the target of conspiracy-oriented hip-hop artists. But now there may be reason to believe that Illuminati has hip-hop under it's control.

The Illuminati, known as an esoteric yet powerful group if secretive power-brokers, has had a deep impact on the most popular stars of the hip-hop world. Jay-Z, Kanye West, even the more recent stars like Kendrick Lamar and Nikki Manaj have all made oblique references to the Illuminati. Through the tracks they sample, their lyrics, even the hand signs all seem to reference the nefarious club.

The Illuminati are referenced by almost every single rapper in the industry today. Most of these references are deprecating, however, and meant to dismiss the implication that their success was designed rather than achieved. But isn't that what you'd expect from Illuminati members? The Mafia are notorious for denying the existence of organized crime, too, yet it's presence is undeniable.

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