DACA Illegals Sue to Remain on Welfare and Claim Green Card

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program developed by the Obama administration simultaneously allowed millions of illegal aliens to remain within the United States while also costing the American taxpayer billions of dollars in social services funding. The fact that this program is, in and of itself, proven to be extra-Constitutional, is of no consequence when the Left begins its campaign of disinformation and virtue-signaling.

With the threat of this program being shut down by the Trump administration, DACA recipients have mobilized through dark money funding to launch a new lawsuit against the administration, suing not only to gain green cards that would prolong their stay here in the US, but also to legally apply for welfare benefits while remaining in the country.

The illegal immigration issue in America is already a burden to every taxpayer here, but even more so, to every family that must not only support their own, but also the families of illegal aliens, a burden that is quite likely to place negative pressure on the burgeoning economy.

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