Cuomo Urges Shut Down of Govt over Gun Control

Cuomo, who had mulled the idea of running for president and eventually threw his support behind Hillary Clinton, said so-called gun control should be a top election season issue.

“I would like to see Hillary and the vice president and whoever else is in the race on both sides talk about this issue of guns and let’s have that as one of the top priorities,” he said. “Rather than the political blather that is now going on and let’s put some real issues on the agenda and let’s put at the top: What are you going to do about guns?”

The inability of government to restrict the Second Amendment “is such a blatant failure of our political system and frankly such a blatant failure of the elected officials in this country,” Cuomo said.
Notice Cuomo is not part of the Federal government. Notice also, he is not shutting down New York state government in protest. Notice that New York already has one of the most restrictive gun control law sets in the nation and they are suffering massive gun deaths as a result.

Source: Info Wars

In response to public support for the Second Amendment and the inability of a Democrat controlled Senate to pass anti-gun legislation, candidate Hillary Clinton said if elected she will use executive actions to close the so-called gun show loophole.

Fellow Democrat and presidential contender Martin O’Malley has urged Clinton and Bernie Sanders to embrace a reinstatement of the federal assault weapons ban that expired under a sunset provision last year. Several efforts to renew the ban have failed.

Senate Democrats plan to unveil a new anti-Second Amendment push on Thursday.

“We’ve had a number of meetings today with Democratic senators,” Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said on Wednesday. “So we’re going to move forward. We have a program. We’re going to do some press on this on Thursday.”

“I’ve started to reach out to senators in talking about what can be done to advance the cause of background checks while Republicans are in charge for the next year or so,” Reid said on Monday. “One thing is clear, to pass background checks, we need Republicans to stop acting as puppets of the NRA.”

Any proposed legislation faces a tough uphill battle in the Republican dominated Senate. And note the record gun sales following Obama’s gun control rant.




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