Criminal Makes Mistake of Attempting Robbery Where Everyone was Armed

When a society ensures its citizens of their right to self-protection by permitting them to arm themselves, everyone wins except the criminals. A potential robber is going to have a much higher risk of getting shot in a jurisdiction where this right is protected, and that thought will have to cross his or her mind. So crime is often deterred without a shot ever being fired.

Then there are times that criminals proceed with their plans anyway only to find out that they picked the wrong place. As in this example:

My girlfriend is from Brazil, and we’ve talked extensively about the crime that takes place there. We’ve talked about the fact that citizens aren’t able to defend themselves against the rampant crime that takes place each day, and it’s something that many Brazilian citizens want. Being armed, that is.

In this particular case, the robber in the below videos had the worst luck possible in Brazil.

At the store he chose to rob, every single person inside at the time… was armed.

Sources tell us that the armed individuals inside were police officers — the only people allowed to carry firearms in the country. Very unlucky for this criminal.

Even though our liberal friends refuse to admit it, concealed-carry deters criminals and saves lives.

Those nations and cities that disarm their citizens do them a great disservice. People have a natural right to be able to defend themselves. Where this right is properly protected, the risk is transferred to the criminals where it belongs.

Source: Concealed Nation


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