Crews: BLM Members are ‘Controlling’ Others with ‘Almost Supremacist’ Moves

Crews: BLM Members are ‘Controlling’ Others with ‘Almost Supremacist’ Moves

Monday on CNN, host Don Lemon and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor Terry Crews sparred in a contentious debate over the Black Lives Matter movement.

Lemon seemed quite agitated from the start, one would assume because Crews has leveled several criticisms at the group, including a call to Black Lives Matters leaders to make violent crimes within African-American communities the primary focus rather than addressing racial inequities.

“The Black Lives Matter movement was started because it was about police brutality,” Lemon said. “If you want an All Black Lives Matter movement that talks about gun violence in black communities, then start that movement with that name. But that’s not what Black Lives Matter is about.”

“When you have the leaders of the Black Lives movement, who are now talking about, ‘If we don’t get our demands, we’re going to burn it down,’ other Black people who are talking about working with other whites and other races, they’re being viewed as sell-outs, or called Uncle Toms. You start to understand you’re now being controlled. You’re not being treated as loved. You’re actually being controlled. Someone wants to control the narrative. I viewed it as a very, very dangerous self-righteousness that was developing. That, you know, that really viewed themselves as better. It was almost a supremacist move where they viewed that their Black lives mattered a lot more than mine,” Crews said.

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