Crazed Man Attacks Cars With Machete, Gets Run Over Twice

The Hispanic man armed with the machete, was screaming at two vehicles in particular, who took turns trying to hit him as he swung at their cars. The second car, a white sedan, successfully threw him into the air.

The Oakland Police Department arrested the man, but would not comment as to any charges filed against him.

The first vehicle plowing into the man with the machete was red; almost immediately after the first collision,  a white sedan hit the man before driving away.

Another incident involving a machete took place last march, when a man in East Oakland used one to hack off the fingers of another man he was arguing with in the parking lot of a Jack in the Box. This is a perfect example of how, even without guns, people will find ways to commit violence. The lack of details in this curious case are somewhat frustrating, but at least for now, you can see the whole thing on video.




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