Court Suspends Burkini Ban in French Town

Numerous towns in France have banned the burkini, as it creates a stark divide between the freedoms found in France and the extremism found in radical Islam.

The town of Ticino in Switzerland approved a referendum to ban burqas.  In 2010, France passed a similar law in 2010, causing an international uproar. However, the European Court of Human Rights upheld it in July of 2014. Though Ticino is one town in a smaller country, they’re taking the necessary precautions to keep themselves safe from extremism.

It’s about the time the rest of Western Europe and the United States did the same. Is the chance of offending somebody really worth risking the safety of a country’s citizens

This last week the burkini ban in the southern town of Villeneuve-Loubet was over-turned by the highest court, telling local authorities that they “could only restrict individual liberties if there was a “proven risk” to public order, according to AFP.”

There is risk however, as seen in Michigan, where burqa clad women used their head to toe covering as a way to shoplift.

Immigrant women, wearing full burqas, utilized their garments as a way to steal items from a supermarket in Lincoln Park, Michigan. The store surveillance caught the theft and the police were able to apprehend the women.

Watch as Muslim women use their veils to shamelessly shoplift from a supermarket in Lincoln Park, Michigan , outside of Dearborn. The women are easily able to get away with it, since they have large veils to hide goods in. They could hide almost anything in there from stolen items, to guns, to a bomb.

Other towns in France do have burkini bans still in place and only a challenge in court will result in an overturning of the ban.

The mayor of the northern Corsican town of Sisco has already said that he won’t lift the ban, which was introduced after an August 13 clash on a beach there.

Here the tension is very, very, very strong, and I won’t withdraw it,” he told BFM-TV on Friday.

Former French Interior Ministry official Yvan Blot believes that a reasonable way out of the current situation is to hold a referendum in which voters can decide if the burkini ban is necessary or not.

“The question is who must decide – the judge or the mayor. Personally, I would think neither of them, but the people. It’s possible to organize a referendum locally on this question, why not?” Blot told RT.

Robin Tilbrook, the chairman and founder of the English Democrats, says the burkini issue “demonstrates that they [Muslim immigrants] don’t want to integrate with European culture.”

The suspension of the ban is “a bit of a wishy-washy attitude,” but is still “the best that they [authorities] could do at the moment,” said Cecile Le Roux, a multiculturalism expert, in an interview with RT.

“Although we would have been much more encouraged to see them cancel the law as it should have been, because it is unconstitutional,” she added.

The issue “should be part of discussion and debate in society, but certainly should never involve legislation,” Le Roux also said.

Source: RT



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