Court Rules Citizens Don’t Have the Right to Grow Veggies on Their Own Properties

Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals has just made a landmark ruling that the Institute for Justice is calling “a major blow to property rights.”

Tom Carroll and Hermine Ricketts, 17-year homeowners, have been fighting the Village of Miami Shores for the last 3 years. Sadly, the battle ended in a verdict sure to strike fear into the hearts of any freedom loving homeowner. It all started back in 2014 when the couple refused to take the “advice” handed down them by the town officials keen on implementing a new zoning plan.

The homeowners refused to relinquish their constitutionally protected rights. That is when town officials resorted to plan b.

The couple subsequently sued based on a constitutional infringement upon their right to use their own private property as well as a violation of the equal protection clause.

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