Court Finds Monsanto Guilty Of Poisoning Farmer

Several year Lasso was phased out by Monsanto in the United States and many other countries have also banned the product.

Lasso weedkiller was created during the 1960s and was intended for use in combating broadleaf weeds and other unwanted plants commonly found on farmland. Government officials in France banned the use of the Monsanto product in 2007, and Canada, Great Britain and Belgium soon followed suit.

Other products made by Monsanto also are deemed dangerous as well.  Round-up, a well known weed killer, has been brought up by the World Health Organization, as having an ingredient that is most likely a carcinogenic to humans.

Earlier this year the World Health Organization stated that glyphosate – used by Monsanto in Roundup — is “probably carcinogenic to humans.” As previously reported by Off The Grid News, some researchers believe that not only is glyphosate potentially harmful to humans and unborn babies, but feel it could be a root cause in the alarming number of honeybee deaths.

“When using Roundup do not eat, drink or smoke,” the company says. “Wash hands thoroughly after handling or contact. Thoroughly clean equipment after use. Do not contaminate drains, sewers and waterways when disposing of equipment rinse water.”

As of right now, the Farmer wins, which is certainly good for the little guy, fighting against a giant company that is, in fact, poisoning the world.

Source: Off The Grid




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