County in Colorado Makes ‘Camping’ on Your Own Land Illegal

County in Colorado Makes ‘Camping’ on Your Own Land Illegal

An estimated 800 people are living off the grid in Colorado, according to the Activist Post. From solar powered energy, growing your own food, and collecting rain water there couldn't be anything further from the woes of commercial America in their community. The peace obtained after living in a demanding, consumer heavy society with regulations, and constant mafia style taxing has, unfortunatley, for these off-grid residents, come to a halt.

The government has waged a war on this self-reliant simple lifestyle because it does not fall in line with their control measures over the public. Jay Syrmopolous, explains on the next page how the government has begun efforts to ban ‘camping' on ones own property, in order to force the off-grid homesteaders back onto the grid.

If there are issues to be addressed as to why these communities must go, the government clearly does not care about disputing and solving them as the regulations and restrictions for off the grid living have already begun.

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