Countdown To Israel Attack: Putin Ends Ban On Advanced Missile Sales To Iran

This ban lift by Russia not only causes Obama to lose control over the international consensus on Iran, it forces Israel to set a deadline to attack as it would change the balance of power in the region – Iran's air defense capabilities are now quite weak, which would completely change with the Kremlin's advanced system.

Terhan has already attacked Syria several times in the recent past in order to prevent advanced Russian air defense and anti-ship missile systems it obtained from becoming operational. One would expect the greater Iranian threat Iran would be met with the same treatment.

Israel — which strongly opposed the initial missile deal — lashed out at Russia's decision, saying it was proof that the Iranians were using the nuclear deal to arm themselves.

“This is a direct result of the legitimacy that Iran is receiving from the nuclear deal that is being prepared, and proof that the Iranian economic growth which follows the lifting of sanctions will be exploited for arming itself and not for the welfare of the Iranian people,” Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said in a statement.


Effectively, then, Putin is calling the world’s bluff. He is setting a deadline for Israel to make a fateful choice, and daring the Obama administration to intervene. More broadly, he is unraveling the P5+1 process that the U.S. has dominated recently–chiefly by leading the way in offering concessions to Iran. The “framework” of Lausanne is still murky, and a final deal is a long way from done, but Putin is already challenging the U.S. leverage that brought about the conditions for negotiations.

Putin knows full well that he is triggering an Israeli countdown–and he has been happy to do so in the past. From his point of view, it makes little difference whether Iran or Syria actually use the weapons he is selling them, so long as their money is good and the two regimes remain somewhat dependent on Russian protection.

For Israel, though, the question of war with Iran is no longer theoretical. It is something Israeli leaders–and the Obama administration–must face immediately.




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