Councilwoman Seeks Lower Police Exam For Diversity

From the report:

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Brooks chairs the Public Safety Committee and says she wants “a Police Department that’s reflective of the community they serve.” Brooks points out that the city’s black population is 28 percent but only 20 percent of officers are black. She wants to see this change.

Brooks established the “Department of Race and Equality” and succeeded in securing “$617,000 in the city budget” that will be used “to hold other city departments accountable for racial disparities in their services.” And after learning that black candidates for the police department “fail the written exam more often than they fail the physical abilities test” Brooks asked “if the department could consider eliminating the exam and allow applicants to take a course in its place.”

The Oakland PD written exam is already “scored on a curve” and counts any score of 45 or above as passing. The Oakland PD said holding 45 as the lowest passing score provides assurances that applicants “are somewhat above minimally qualified and thus more prepared to succeed in the academy, field training and as a police officer.”

It is important to have officers who reflect the community they serve.  The problem is not test scores, it the lack of an actual education to pass a basic test.  The skills needed, will still be needed.  Instead of making it easier to gain academy entrance, it would be prudent to make sure these applicants can do the job.  Writing skills are most important.  If a report on a murder or hit and run is written is sub par standards, a felon might walk away.

The “help” needs to occur prior to the exam.  The councilwoman should devote monies toward workshops, helping in advance what may be lacking to pass the exam.  Lowering the expectations, will serve no one, especially the applicant.

Source: Breitbart News



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