Coulter Warns: Trump Will Be Impeached after GOP loses House if Promises Not Kept

What concerns Coulter is how the Trump base of support could turn against the GOP and president if the promises he made in his campaign are not fulfilled. She’s particularly worried that the Democrats could regain control of the House of Representatives in the 2018 election, which then would open the gates to impeachment.

She recognizes that the Republican leadership in Congress may be the biggest obstacle to the Trump agenda.

I blame the Republicans in Congress the most, but we always knew that. I know they were traitors again, working for the lobbyists, the Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street, and not for the American people. We knew that Trump would have a tough road to hoe, but he was supposed to go down and be a bull in a china shop. We’re still waiting for the bull in the china shop.”

Coulter characterized the short-term budget deal as a “George Soros practical joke.” She decried the lack of funding for the southern border wall and continued funding for Planned Parenthood.

No, this isn’t what we voted for, and I do think Trump meant what he said. You wouldn’t go through what he went through for 18 months, being attacked by both political parties, the entire media, the Washington bureaucracy, it is tough what he is up against. It’s what he promised. That is what we want.”

She voiced strong support for the president’s tweets, noting that what some dislike about President Trump, she considers a strong point. But she’s adamant about him focusing on fulfillment of his promises.

Both political parties for years and years have been pushing whatever Wall Street and elites want. Trump was the only candidate who is going to put Americans first. I just want him to get back to his campaign promises, but I love his 3 a.m. tweets. I think they’re hilarious.”

Never shy about expressing a controversial opinion, Coulter thinks that failure to keep campaign promises will result in Republicans getting “wiped out” in the midterm election. Because the Democrats left-wing base is so “obsessed” with impeaching President Trump even now, she sees a distinct possibility of that occurring in the future if the GOP loses the House of Representatives.


Image: Gage Skidmore



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