Coulter: Fox News is ‘Indistinguishable From George Soros’, Regarding Immigration, Open Borders, Consequently is Anti-Trump.”

Coulter Exposes Murdoch

“When it comes to immigration, Fox News is indistinguishable from George Soros,” the popular columnist wrote Thursday.

The “Rupert Murdoch enterprise,” Coulter writes, “is implacably pro-open borders, pro-amnesty and, consequently, anti-Trump.”

As Breitbart News has previously reported Rupert Murdoch, Fox News’ founder, is the co-chair of what is arguably one of the nation’s most powerful immigration lobbying firms, the Partnership for a New American Economy. Via his lobbying firm, Murdoch endorsed

Coulter’s decision to speak out distinguishes her from the vast majority of conservative thinkers, who fear being iced-out of the so-called “conservative” corporate media.

“You won’t read about Fox News’s open-borders philosophy in National Review. You won’t hear about it on almost any ‘conservative’ webpages, magazines, radio shows, Twitter feeds or blogs,” Coulter writes.

Coulter says this is because “Fox News is the only game in town for conservative commentators and politicians. That’s why no other candidate would dare cross Fox… Viewers beware: The only ‘conservative’ opinion allowed on Fox News involves dissolving the nation’s borders.”

Coulter explains the network’s bias presents itself not so much in what the Fox News hosts say, but rather in what the network’s hosts do not say:

One of the hardest things to notice is what you’re not being told. Immigration is the issue shaking up this entire election and driving Trump to the top of the polls. But at Fox News, immigration is Issue No. 22 — after Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Benghazi, Hillary Clinton’s emails, ISIS, ISIS, ISIS, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Export-Import Bank, entitlements reform, ISIS and everything else.

“Fox News’s bias is more insidious,” Coulter writes.

Coulter has indicated support for Donald Trump for president, in part because of his strong recommendation for enforcing immigration law and working to remove illegals from the country.  She sees a bias in the media against Trump, including on Fox News, due to his position on immigration policy.

There is no question that the U.S. has a serious problem with illegal immigration, and that business is selfishly encouraging low wage workers to come to the U.S. to take jobs from citizens, even at a time when almost 100 million workers are out of the workforce, many because they cannot get a job commensurate with their skills and experience.

Whether Trump is your cup of tea or not, Coulter has done conservatives a favor in exposing the cynicism of Murdoch and Fox News for covering up the immigration problem. She is a lonely voice in the wilderness as conservatives seek an honest message.





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