Could USS McCain Have Been the Victim of Cyber Warfare?

Could USS McCain Have Been the Victim of Cyber Warfare?

Yesterday, during a condition of calm sea and high visibility, a Naval vessel, the guided-missile destroyer USS John McCain, was rammed broadside by a merchant vessel oil tanker, damaging the US Military vessel to the point of massive flooding of a hull and berthing area where soldiers were sleeping.  As of this report, 10 sailors are missing and 5 more are injured.

The first thing that comes to mind in a wreck of this nature is, how did a vessel attached to the greatest fleet on the face of the Earth manage to be breached by a commercial vessel in calm waters and conditions of high visibility.

A recent Senate investigation into electronic parts supplied to our military vehicles, aircraft and vessels may point to an answer to this intriguing question.

According to the report, the investigation found that Chinese companies that were supplying the US military with its electronic parts for our hardware were actually counterfeit parts that were substandard and being sold at full price to the US government as original equipment.

If counterfeit parts are responsible for substandard performance, is it possible that the USS John McCain NEVER SAW THE APPROACHING MERCHANT VESSEL?

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