Cosmopolitan: The Clintons have an Ideal Marriage

Cosmopolitan: The Clintons have an Ideal Marriage

The fairy-tale romance that Bill Clinton beguiled the Democratic National Convention with conveniently left out his extramarital exploits and with water-colored wording attempted to retouch his failed marriage with a love story that is hard to believe.

Millennials won’t remember the infidelity of the Clinton marriage and the media certainly won’t fill in the blanks to to give an accurate account of what has continued to happen throughout their marriage.  But the women who have been sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton, and subsequently threatened by Hillary, have been speaking up.

If Paula Jones were the only accuser, it might be possible to dismiss her claims, but in fact, there is a long line of women who have indicated that Bill Clinton was a predator and a sexual abuser who used his office and his power to access women and take sexual advantage of them. Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Wiley, and of course, Monica Lewinski are just a few of the better known victims of Bill, but the bigger issue now is how Hillary protected and enabled him, knowing full well of his crimes while doing everything possible to allow him to escape punishment and to retain power.

Perhaps younger women don’t know about the long line of accusers who were sexually assaulted and abused by Bill Clinton. Or perhaps they prefer not to know, or to think that it is old news, no longer relevant. But it is curious that they would also dismiss the fact that Hillary was a co-conspirator and an enabler who covered for Bill, and who made it clear to the victims that they would pay a price if they disclosed his actions. Several victims are speaking out, but it is uncertain if it will make any difference in how the female voters react to Hillary’s campaign for president.

This is the lust story of the real Bill Clinton that can counter the “love-story” he wove on the DNC stage this past week.

Cosmopolitan has bought into the fabrication with an article titled, The Clintons and the Reality of a Long Marriage.   The feminist rag ignores the role that Hillary played in destroying the lives of other women and only props Hillary up, believing that no matter what she must be the first woman president.

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