Corey Feldman to Disclose 6 Major Figures in Hollywood Pedophile Ring

Former child star Corey Feldman is going to name the names of the pedophile ring a part of Hollywood. He created a gut-wrenching video describing how his life has turned upside down and his life threatened in just a few days since announcing he was going to tell his story.

“Hi, This is Corey Feldman. I'm coming to you today to talk about what is on everybody's mind. I told you a few days ago that I had a plan to try and hopefully bring to light what is happening in the world of entertainment as far as perverts and pedophiles and all the topics of what we've been discussing. Every since I even discussed that I had this plan, my life has turned into utter chaos. You can probably tell by the sound of my voice. It's pretty ripped up because of the devastation of what I've been through the past few days. I've experienced things like never before. I've been silenced my whole life. But just over the past few days, since I made that announcement, I've been arrested, I had a near death experience last night, where I felt like I was almost going to be killed. Two trucks came speeding at me on a crosswalk. And then several of my band members decided to quit because they are afraid for their lives. I don't know what happened, what got into them, but they just all of a sudden left.”

He has a plan for revealing the names. But, he needs support. The man's life is in danger. He has already had a near death experience just in the past few days since announcing he has a plan to expose the pedophile network.

The Truth Campaign is destined to destroy Big Hollywood and all the filthy pedophiles lurking within its shadows.

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