Cops Arrest Man For Having Too Much Ammo, Guns

Unsurprisingly, the authorities are using the relatively close proximity of Shou’s apartment to an elementary school as proof of the threat they’re claiming he poses. In spite of this, law enforcement has yet to produce any evidence that he had committed or was planning to commit a crime with his firearms.

“‘The defendant is accused of turning his apartment into an arsenal by stockpiling deadly weapons and ammunition – all laying in plain sight and unsecured,’ Brown said in a statement. ‘It is extremely disturbing to find such a lethal arsenal of this magnitude in a residential community – especially one less than two blocks from an elementary school.’

Police were able to stumble upon the stockpile after officers conducted an administrative pistol licensee review at Shou’s apartment on Monday, prosecutors said.

Upon entering the home — which is down the street from P.S. 139 Rego Park — officers spotted the gunpowder and bullets, prompting them to obtain a search warrant and make the discovery.

‘Alone, the amount of gunpowder discovered was capable of igniting and causing significant damage to not only the defendant’s apartment but to neighboring apartments and the building’s exterior walls, as well as injuring or killing anyone unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity,’ Brown said.

Shou was arraigned Tuesday night and his bail was set at $250,000. He is due back in court on Feb. 24.

If convicted, Shou could spend up to seven years behind bars.”

Source: NYPost



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