Cop Reveals What Really Happens at Trump Rallys

When Officer Brandon Tatum went to see a Trump rally for himself, he could not believe what he was in store for.

From TruthUncensored:

Tatum said the protesters were the most hateful, evil people he has ever seen and said they were chanting the phrase “black lives matter,” and used profane language and gestures, leading a mother to cover her child’s ears.

Tatum said he went to the rally to decide for himself what he thought of Trump rather than believe what the media is saying.

That Tatum was curious enough to hear the Donald speak before passing judgement tells you he is not the kind of leftist the astroturf movement is looking for.

Officer Tatum looked and listened. Then he went home and spoke about what he saw and heard.

Watch his video.

Source: TruthUncensored



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