Cop Cradles Baby Gains Legions of Fans

The Alabama Sheriff Deputy Lindley is the hero of the viral photo, showing him standing in the middle of the street, cars strewn and battered behind him, while in his arms a delicate, shoe-less, pink clad baby is nestled to his chest.  The seriousness of the situation, strength in the moment, but the paternal love found in the photo is inspiring.

Lindley told WBRC: ‘She was kind of excited about all the noise and everything going on, which is understandable, but she became calm…and she stayed calm. She smiled.'

He added: ‘We can be hard sometimes, that's just the nature of the beast. But at other times, we're not machines, or computers, we have feelings.

‘We are human beings. And, we try to treat people out here just like we would want someone to treat our children, or our spouses, or our parents.'

The photo, posted to Facebook, has over 14,000 shares and the comments are as genuine as Officer Lindley's actions.  We have a need of great stories such as these, hero stories that help our kids desires to grow up to be just like this man.  The comments and praise on the viral photo demonstrate the need humanity has for acts of greatness to be shared.

Mary Ann Greenslade wrote: ‘Such an act of compassion. Thank you Deputy Lindley for being there for that sweet child. Prayers for all involved.

Darin Band-Aid Gunter added: ‘A dad in a uniform… is still a dad.'

Source: Daily Mail




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